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Our Story

        We are Bajari Handcrafted Chocolates a small chocolate factory located

in the west coast of Puerto Rico. Making chocolate its our passion, we've

come along way since our first bars and gifts and we are proud of what we

have achieved.

        It all started with our passion to make good products since a young age.

 Our founder a young entrepreneur started experimenting with chocolate in

his kitchen trying to create the perfect gift. Since discovering that our island

could produce superb quality cacao we focused on creating chocolates that

everyone could enjoy and reward themselves or share their passion as

gift with their loved ones.

                                                                                       Our Name

                                                                                              We choose BAJARI as our name because it means"high respect and                                                                                                 distinction" in our native taíno dialect and we wanted our name to reflect                                                                                               our mythical roots and transmit that passion for turning ingredients given by                                                                                         our earth into magnificent flavorful treats.


          For our single origin chocolate we work with local farmers to

select the best cacao, then we hand inspect the beans, roast, winnow,

refine and conch the cacao creating a rich in flavor chocolate. We use

only natural cacao butter and sugar to make our single origin chocolate

trying to keep it simple so you

can enjoy a more flavorful chocolate. we source our cacao from

Añasco, Adjuntas, Moca, Las Marías, Aguada and Ponce

and we pay fair prices ensuring their work is valued.

                                                                                                                                We invite you to try our chocolates and confections                                                                                                                                   so you can enjoy the best of our island. From our                                                                                                                                         family to yours have a #bajarimoment anytime.

Chocolate temperer Gift
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